Elastomeric Closed Cell Foam Insulation

Available on ENVIRO-TEC fan coil units and VAV terminals.

Closed cell foam (CCF) is a great alternative to fiberglass insulation in extremely humid climates, as well as educational and hi-rise residential facilities. The material's smooth and cleanable surface makes it naturally mold resistant. ENVIRO-TEC offers CCF as an option on most fan coil products and VAV terminals.

Benefits to Elastomeric CCF

  • Smooth, durable external surface is easily cleaned and resists dirt, moisture absorption, and microbial growth – even if torn or punctured
  • CFC free, non-fibrous, non-dusting, and non-toxic
  • Higher temperature limit than polyethylene CCF, able to withstand service temperature spikes without permanent failure
  • More flexible than polyethylene CCF at 75°F, allowing expansion and contraction in hot and cold cycle applications
  • Resists compression and retains its thermal insulating capacity
  • Outer moisture vapor barrier or liner not required

Complies with NFPA 90A and 90B, UL 723/ASTM E84, ASTM G-21 (Fungi Resistance), ASTM C 534, UL 181 (Mold Growth/Humidity and Air Erosion), UL 94, UL 723, NY City MEA, City of Los Angeles RR, MIL-P-15280J

Closed Cell Foam Guide Specification
Option: Provide Elastomeric Closed Cell Foam Insulation in lieu of standard. Insulation shall conform to UL 181 for erosion and NFPA 90A for fire, smoke and melting, and comply with a 25/50 Flame Spread and Smoke Developed Index per ASTM E-84 or UL 723. Additionally, insulation shall comply with Antimicrobial Performance Rating of 0, no observed growth, per ASTM G-21. Polyethylene insulation is not acceptable.

Additional Anti-Mold Strategies

Available On All ENVIRO-TEC Fan Coil Products:

    • IAQ Drain Pan: sloped toward drain connection, stainless steel construction, externally insulated, easily removed for cleaning
    • Easily Removable Filters and Coils for replacement and cleaning
    • Large Coil Face Area to reduce condensation blow-off

Available On VH Series Fan Coil Units:

    • Motorized Coil Bypass Damper and Variable Speed Fan Coil for dehumidification during part-load conditions
    • Synthetic Media Filter does not support mold growth
    • Ship In Advance Risers allows installation and pressure testing during building construction, prior to units arriving on job site
    • Supply and Return Air Knockouts, left in place during building construction to keep unit interiors clean


Hi-Rise Fan Coil Lined With Elastomeric CCF

Insulation Complies
With NFPA 90-A and 90-B

Horizontal Fan Coil with IAQ Drain Pan, Removable and Externally Insulated

Horizontal Fan Coil with Easily Removable Filters

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