Configurable VAV DDC Controls

VAV Terminal Units DDC BACnet Controller (ZEC510), and DDC non-communicating Controller (ZEC500)
ZEC500 & ZEC 510 controllers

NOTE: The yellow highlighted links are key documents to download or print for quick understanding and information on ZEC Control requirements, needs and applications.

VAV DDC Controllers

  1. Quick Start Guide - DDC Configurable Controller    
  2. Quick Start Information Documents  
    - Quick Start Guide on ZEC5x0 Controller
    - ZEC 5x0 Controller Sequence Definition Table
    - ZEC 5x0 Controller Parameters and Factory Defaults Table      
  3. IOM – VAV DDC Controllers               

(User Interface and Set-up Tool, - MAP GATEWAY, ENVIRO-TEC Part #PC-01-0206, Johnson Controls Part #TL-MAP1810-0P)

NOTE: On RETROFIT KIT ORDERS users are required to have access to or include in orders an appropriate Map Gateway User Tool. On NEW VAV ORDERS with ZEC Controllers, it is highly recommended users have access to or include in order an appropriate Map Gateway User Tool.

  1. Quick Start Guide - Map Gateway                                      
  2. User Guide - MAP Access Portal Gateway         
  3. Map Access Portal Gateway catalog page
  4. Product Bulletin - Map Portal Gateway                      
  5. IOM - Map Access Portal Gateway                                      
  6. Technical Bulletin - Mobile Access Portal Gateway
  7. Training Video: Introduction on Connecting to Your Map Gateway and ZEC Controller

Wall Sensors for ZEC500 and ZEC510 Controllers

  1. Thermostat Wall Sensors - Images and descriptions of options
  2. Catalog Pages – DDC VAV Controller Temperature Sensors
  3. IOM - NS-8000 Installation Guide

Supply Air and/or Discharge Air Temperature Sensor

  1. Catalog Doc - Discharge Air Temperature Sensor  TE-6300 Series Temperature Sensor


  1. BACnet MS/TP communications technical bulletin

Configurable VAV DDC Retrofit Kits for Obsoleted 7000 Series Controls

  1. Retrofit Kit Selection by Unit Info     
  2. Retrofit Kit Selection by 7000 Series Sequence Number 
  3. Retrofit Kit Instructions - How to replace existing unit controls with the ZEC Controller Kit
  4. Training Video: How to cross over your older analog controls, series 700 or 7000 over to New VAV DDC model ZEC5xx controllers

Controls Sequence Wiring Diagrams

  1. Wiring Drawings

Web-Select, Web-Based, Selection Tool

  1. Web-Select User Guide



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