Accurate and Energy-Saving Airflow Control With The Patented FlowStar™ Sensor

The ENVIRO-TEC air valve features the FlowStar airflow sensor (patent #5,481,925) which has brought new meaning to airflow control accuracy. The multi-axis design utilizes between 12 and 20 sensing points that sample total pressure at center points within equal concentric cross- sectional areas on round inlets, effectively traversing the air stream in two planes. Each distinct pressure reading is averaged within the center chamber before exiting the sensor to the controlling device.

This sensor adds a new dimension to signal amplification. Most differential pressure sensors provide a signal between .5 and 2 times the equivalent velocity pressure signal. The FlowStar™ provides a differential pressure signal that is up to 3 times the equivalent velocity pressure signal. This amplified signal allows more accurate and stable airflow control at low airflow capacities. Low airflow control is critical for indoor air quality, reheat minimization, and preventing over cooling during light loads.

Unlike other sensors which use a large probe surface area to achieve signal amplification, the FlowStar™ utilizes an unprecedented streamline design which generates amplified signals unrivaled in the industry. The streamlined design also generates less pressure drop and noise.

The VAV schedule should specify the minimum and maximum airflow setpoints, maximum sound power levels, and maximum air pressure loss for each terminal. The specification for the VAV terminal must detail the required performance of the airflow sensor. For maximum building occupant satisfaction, the VAV system designer should specify the airflow sensor as suggested in the product's Guide Specifications. Use the Products menu on this website for direct links to each product's eCatalog page, which includes downloadable Guide Specifications in Microsoft Word format.

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FlowStar – How Does It Work?
Primary Air Valve Construction

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