Blower Coil Units

ENVIRO-TEC products include a complete line of direct drive and belt drive blower coil units. Many sizes and configurations are available to suit virtually any application requiring air delivery up to 8500 CFM.

Designing for a tight space? Consider the Vertical Reduced Footprint VB or VR, featuring front access to all components, standard foil faced insulation, and a footprint of only 29" x 25" for a typical classroom size unit.

blower coil unit (bcu) Models
Standard Features Available Options
  • EC motor control (direct drive only)
  • Galvanized steel construction with left or right hand arrangements
  • Easy access to all components
  • Forward curved fans, statically and dynamically balanced
  • Three phase motors
  • Sloped drain pan
  • Single point power connection
  • TEFC or high efficiency motors. VFD (variable frequency drive) motors available (belt drive only)
  • Stainless steel coil casings and drain pans
  • Chilled water or DX cooling coils, heat pump compatible
  • Hot water or steam coils
  • Hinged access panels with lift and turn fasteners
  • External vibration isolators
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