AutoCAD Template Drawings

Usage: These full scale template drawings are available for download and insertion into Architectural and Mechanical plans. These templates graphically represent the overall dimensions by size for standard ENVIRO-TEC products with noted arrangements and appurtenances using AutoCAD standard format, and are in block form. Special features, options not detailed, and customized products are not conveyed or implied by use of the templates. Modifications to the templates for any reason are prohibited without written approval by Johnson Controls. Certain orientation restrictions may apply to a specific product; therefore, ENVIRO-TEC recommends that users become familiar with ENVIRO-TEC products and review applicable submittal drawings prior to use of the templates. ENVIRO-TEC reserves the right to make product changes that may effect dimensional accuracy of these templates at any time without notification to the user. The user assumes all liability and risk for the correct application, selection and use of the templates.

AutoCAD or AutoCAD Lite are required to view template drawings. To save a template to your hard drive, click the link and download will begin automatically.

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