VF Floor Mounted Vertical Fan Coil Units

Ultimate solution for heating and cooling

ENVIRO-TEC’s fan coil units are designed for configuration flexibility and maximum efficiency. They can fit any HVAC user’s needs, and they set new standards for quality and competitive pricing.

  • CFM: 250 to 1,250 CFM
  • Superior Efficiency – Uses 30 to 50% less energy than competitive units with the same capacity.
  • Optional piping packages with on/off, modulating or proportional control valves
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Product Overview

Seen commonly in schools, universities, and offices, these floor units help keep high traffic areas comfortable while meeting space and architectural demand. The white satin finish allows for seamless integration in any space. And the filters are easily replaceable—no maintenance appointment required.
Product Overview


Excellent Indoor Air Quality (Iaq)
Excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Sloped drain pans, high performance filters and cabinets that can be insulated improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and reduce sound levels.

Design Flexibility
Design Flexibility

An extensive range of options include chilled-water or direct expansion coil for cooling, hot water, steam, or electric coil for heating.

Optimized Performance
Optimized Performance

ENVIRO-TEC fan and blower coil units are manufactured from galvanized steel and designed to meet the highest standards of quality to maximize performance.

Convenient Installation
Convenient Installation

Component flexibility and units that can ship fully assembled reduce installation time, labor, and cost.


  • Available in concealed, exposed, and slope-top models.
  • Excellent For Retrofits – Matches dimensions of most US models. Vary H & W in 1” increments, up to 12”.
  • 18 month Limited Warranty
  • Complete Control – thermostats with time clock or occupancy sensor, factory-mounted piping packages, network-compatible.
  • Model Flexibility – Available in concealed, exposed, and slope-top models. High IEQ – Indoor environmental quality is improved with sloped drain pans, high-efficiency filters, and low sound levels.

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