CFR Series Flow Fan-Powered VAV Terminal Units

Design flexibility, quiet operation

Improve your commercial space with a quiet, energy-efficient, fan-powered CFR Series VAV terminal unit. Lower heating and cooling costs and deliver cleaner air to keep building occupants comfortable.

  • 100 to 4,600 CFM
  • AHRI 880- and ETL-certified; labeled to meet industry performance and safety standards
  • Superior FlowStar air measuring probe provides for lower minimum CFM values, which reduce energy costs and noise while maintaining comfort in the zone
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Product Overview

Space limits aren’t an obstacle for our CFR terminal units. Available in a range from 100 to 4,600 CFM, this heating and cooling system offers our commercial clients tremendous flexibility to meet a wide variety of HVAC system design requirements. The series flow fan units are specifically designed for quiet operation and offer improved space comfort. Due to rising interest in indoor air quality, many HVAC system designers are focusing on the effects of particulate contamination within a building’s occupied space—HVAC system noise is often overlooked as a source of occupied space contamination. CFR terminals are specifically designed to prevent obtrusive fan noise from reaching building occupants while providing constant air motion in the space. The VAV terminal recovers heat from lights and core areas to offset heating loads in perimeter zones. Additional heat is available at the terminal unit using electric or hot-water heating coils. Controls are available to energize remote heating devices such as wall fins, fan coils, radiant panels, and roof load plenum unit heaters.
Product Overview



ENVIRO-TEC VAV units maximize building air quality, comfort, and airflow with improved spacing and design flexibility.


Manage air volume efficiently with a VAV terminal unit that offers a range of configurations and heating control options.


Our VAV terminals deliver long-lasting performance through quiet, precise airflow to the occupied space.

Genuine Performance
Genuine Performance

ENVIRO-TEC VAV terminals offer genuine performance advantages through unique configurations, control options, and industry-leading sound data.


  • 120-, 208–230-, and 277-volt, single-phase EC motors
  • Optional Metasys BACnet DDC (direct digital control)
  • Standard and low-height units with PSC or EC motor options to meet a variety of fan-powered application requirements.
  • An integrated VAV box with direct digital controls that allows for a bundled offering with lower total installed costs.
  • Solo/sync motor control technology
  • Optional staged or proportional SSR electric heat
  • OSHP-OSP-certified in compliance with CBC and IBC to ensure cabinet integrity throughout the installation process and seismic events.
  • 18 month Limited Warranty

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