Retrofit Measuring Station

ENVIRO-TEC offers a convenient way to retrofit a building to meet today's IAQ standards. Model RFT-MS features the patented FlowStar™ sensor as a stand-alone airflow measuring station. This device is a short circular sheetmetal sleeve that can be easily attached to any VAV terminal with a round inlet. The old sensor can be removed and the FlowStar then connected to the existing controller.

Due to the accuracy of the FlowStar, air balancing does not require time consuming duct traverses. The RFT-MS is provided with field balancing taps and an airflow calibration chart. Maximum and minimum airflow setpoints can be quickly calibrated using a differential pressure gauge.

Controls Retrofitting
You may also consider upgrading older style controls with the ENVIRO-TEC ZEC500 or ZEC510 DDC (Direct Digital Control) retrofit kit. These direct digital controls provide unparalleled accuracy, dependability, and sequence options. Like the RFT-MS measuring station, ZEC500 and ZEC510 retrofit kits are a breeze to install in a retrofit application.

Exhaust Terminals
If your needs call for the conversion of mechanical, constant volume terminals to a variable air volume configuration, consider energy saving retrofit terminals. ENVIRO-TEC offers two single duct models: SGX exhaust valve and SSX Stainless Steel terminal.

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